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Authors should submit original articles that have not been proposed or published elsewhere. They have to ensure that they have acknowledged the work of others with appropriate citation or reference and that they do not repeat their own work that has already been published. Redundancy and plagiarism constitute unethical practices in all their forms. The submitted articles are automatically searched for any signs of such practices in cooperation with Antiplagiarism Network Plagiat.pl.

The author submitting an article is also responsible for listing all co-authors and contributors and stating their exact contribution in percentages. Ghost authorship, that is not including on an authorship list a person who has made a significant contribution, and guest authorship, that is adding to an authorship list a person who has not made a significant contribution to the article are both considered unacceptable and unethical.

Complaints, claims and suspicions of plagiarism, duplicate submission, redundancy, guest authorship and ghost authorship will be investigated by editors. The investigation may result in the rejection of a manuscript submitted for publication. In case the article be published, the editorial board will do the utmost to rectify the situation without delay.

In dealing with suspected misconduct, editors follow major COPE guidelines and COPE flowcharts (available at http://publicationethics.org/resources/guidelines).

Authors are obliged to submit a financial disclosure if the article or the research that lead to the writing of the article, has been funded by an institution.

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A double-blind review process is employed. An article may be rejected by the editor upon receipt if it is written in poor language, is outside the remit of the journal or does not reach what the editors consider to be the academic standards of excellence. If it meets the preliminary conditions, it is sent to two referees. The author and the reviewers are anonymous. The referees may suggest some changes, but they do not proofread the manuscript. The final decision to reject or to accept a manuscript belongs to the editor. It will be sent to the author together with the reviewers’ comments if any changes are necessary. When the manuscript is accepted, it will be proofread by a language consultant and the suggestions will be sent to the author (review form).
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